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Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is difficult is assuming consistency means understanding.

Awakening is the end of needing to be logical, since what is awoken from is the confines of linguistic logic. I am not a word, a sentence, or any particular position. Awareness is endlessly playful, open and creative. 

After 2008, it was clear awareness truly has no preference. This has allowed me to play, test, tinker with and jam some riffs with the programmatic possibilities. I wanted to get to the bottom of a question that arose shortly after the night on the deck and that question was:

Exactly how does belief dictate experience?

What I have learned from these unhindered test runs is quite amazing to me. A mind will respond positively to praise of the premise it already supports, and defend any opposition to this premise. What this means is that the premise is controlling the mind. Whatever I believe becomes my experience. When I stop believing, there is literally just pristine awareness. 

I have been playing for three years with how wide open and boundaryless a mind can be once it has been freed. It is really amazing. The conclusion, and it can't really be that, is simple:

1. Awareness has no preference, no memory and never moves.

2. The mind is not tethered to any particular premise or belief once it has been freed from the confines of the linguistic-logic. 

3. All premises can be tried on like costumes: Oneness, separation, I am only the brain, I am Consciousness, energy exists, non-duality, duality, God is real, no one here, I Am, free will, no free will, etc.

4. Identity is either: the premise running the mind, or untouchable awareness. These are the only options.

If there is any take-home wisdom from the last three years of experimenting it is this:

Whatever premise is running, awareness does not give a shit. 

I am done experimenting now. 

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the nature of mind and now it is time to simply share the clarity of awareness with as many beautiful hearts as possible.