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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Juggle yourself. Go for it. It is so fun.

The Universe is all you have!

I suffer to the degree I think the Universe has to listen to what I want. I am free to the degree I can appreciate the honesty of the Universe. 
One thing is for sure, the Universe is the boss/teacher.

There is nothing anyone can give you because there is nothing you are missing.

The class is self-taught and self-directed because I can't hold your hand all the time.

The most you can do is get what you want. 
The least you can do is be left wanting. 
These are your options.

Self-deception is the hardest thing to avoid because the one who could check against it is the one in question.

You can do whatever you want. 
You are the Source.

There is nothing you can do to fuck up your life. The worse thing that can happen is going to. Enjoy what you can while you can. 
It's all going to go.

The personality is a momentum, like the body. You can enjoy the quips and quibbles of how you happen to be without taking it personally. 
To do so is the beginning and the end of self-love.

It doesn't take much to see there is no "we". 
There is I and I and I and I...each with a unique vantage point and momentum all to it's own. 
When you try to speak for "we"
You just express how scared you are to accept that you are alone. 
It's true, you are. 
So you might as well own it.

Dancing in "I have no idea" is much easier than shlepping through "I know."

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