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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sending you Oneness with the Highest Love possible....

When you feel trapped or stuck and cannot feel your spirit take a long walk and notice the beauty around you. 
Allow yourself to walk away from your fears, angers, and frustrations and breathe in the power of being present to what is around you right now. 
Imagine coming back to the moment rather than being troubled by the past or afraid of the future. 
Let each step wash away your anxieties and trust your spirit to guide you at all times in the best way possible. 
Notice the difference in vibration between your ego and your spirit. The ego vibration feels contracted, defensive, and breathless. 
The spirit frequency feels expanded open and full of breath and life. 

To tune into your spirit and intuition, begin by fully exhaling as if blowing out a birthday candle, then inhale deeply, pulling the air into your belly. 
Release the air by saying.
then ask your spirit for guidance for this moment, this day. 

Listen with your heart and not your head. 
Feel guidance rather than think it. 

It is there if you breathe, relax, and listen.

So it is.