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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The wild freshness you are is released from the cage of comparison." When you are ready to feel it, the open air awaits you."

<) )>
/ \   Once you wake up from language, which you will if you listen closely, then you have to wake up from colour.
There are no colours.
Which means these letters are mirages.
All matter is a thought-sensation, my dearest, dearest Self.

What is amazing is how this totally destroys "awake" being anything visual. It doesn't matter what someone looks like.
Self is not an appearance.
I haven't gotten there yet, but I am on my way...

I am only at language and colour.
I can say I really didn't know what I talking about completely.

I have a feeling there is a lot more to learn on this trip and it would be better for me to simply speak from what I know and not make conclusions.
I have to say, it is wonderfully humbling.

When you listened carefully, and woke up from language, what did you hear?

The listener, which isn't even silence.

If we were a word, or any string of words, or a letter, or any team of letters, that is, if we were a sound or a symphony of sounds, there would have to be a single point in which all these sounds arise from, or these sounds would have to be the single point, arising.

"All I need to do is remember my true Self," is just one kind of sound, like, "Or are you the infinite radiance of consciousness..."

If we type "consciousness" into Google translator and then go down the list and hit the audio button for Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc, and we hear it read in the highlighted language, many different sounds will come out. If we assume each sound "refers" to the same thing, confusion arises. If, however, we simply listen to the sounds as they are, there is no confusion whatsoever.

This can illuminate the trouble with assuming there is any way to talk about what we are and actually be right.

After all, there are 7,000,000,000 + people making all kinds of sounds, not to mention the other species of animals and plants and insects and birds and fish, and not to mention the rain, and the wind and the volcanoes and the ocean waves, etc.

If we conclude this means we are silence that is obviously just another sound. "I am Silence".

Without the desire to conclude, the entire issue of searching for what we are explodes.