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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"I can't die!" comes from the same place, "I can't wait to get into bed and sleep," comes from

 All thoughts come from the same place, no matter which language it is.

Every thought is an impression upon that which cannot be impressed. Call it consciousness, awareness, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't matter because even these labels are an impression.

Imagine the sky over the house right now. The sky is not affected by the clouds, no matter what shape, density or ferocity they take. An airplane, a meteor, a bird turd, even a blast of electromagnetic particles from a sun fart does not affect "the sky" in the same way galaxies colliding do not hurt the space they crash in.

Thoughts are things, this one no different, that appear and disappear in "the sky of awareness". Again, there is not a word for what is reading these letters so all labels are placeholders, like "zero" and "no-thing".

The fact that there is not a word for it does not mean there is not an obvious LISTENING to these sentences. Included in listening to the eyes read these words, do you notice you are hearing with your eyes?, is any thought that may arise in "your head".

These labels of "head", "brain", "mind", "love", "space" etc. are more attempts at describing that which cannot be impressed. 

This is why the conversation has continued for thousands of years, rather than simply dying out at the first instance of "impasse". Innocently, and yet dis-functionally, a label is taken seriously as "IT". 

This is also why spiritual debating is really silly. The terms are the only things that can be debated and none of them actually apply! Ha! What an amazing silliness!

So when the thought, 
"I am afraid to die!" arises, and by thought I mean the entire energetic impression that happens in the field of possibility: increased heart rate, the feeling of anxiety, sweating, etc. it comes from the exact same place as the thought, 
"I can't wait to fall asleep," 
which generates a different energetic impression than the previous one.

All thoughts generate an impression WHEN THEY ARE BELIEVED. 
Meditation is the art of listening without believing, and dear God, don't believe me. 
If it resonates, find out for yourself that you cannot actually be harmed by any thought that arises UNLESS you believe what it is implying.

The intention of the post is to highlight the inherent confusion in simultaneously fearing and wanting total absence.
While the tension this creates is a natural phenomena of "nature at play", so is pointing it out, obviously.

There is no way to make a mistake. You can only learn what is and is not relaxing to believe.