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Thursday, July 4, 2013


"At the heart of true-path are often particular callings that we are here to honour. 

It is through the excavation and actualization of these callings that we expand our soul one step closer to wholeness. 
For the purposes of unlimited expansion, lets define callings broadly. 

A calling is any path of doing or being that is sourced in your unique soul scriptures. You can be called to a career path, 
a way of being, 
a relationship, 
an act of service, 
stillness, a lifestyle, 
a flight path, 
a creative project, 
any pathway of possibility at all. 

A call can come through in any way, shape or form- an inner war, a hint, dream, vision, sensation, knowing, longing, feeling, a little tug, a distant flute. 
Anything that calls you home.

In Soul shaping, I said that “honouring my calling was my best defence against sleeplessness”. 

That is, when my call to write began to take over my consciousness, it would not let me rest until I got up from bed and wrote a few sentences. 
Of course this happened many years after I had begun the process of path excavation. 

At first, and like so many of us in modern life, it was difficult to hear the trumpets of true-path in the heart of a distracted inner landscape.
Consider these questions:
Do you feel aligned with your higher purpose? 

Have you touched upon a calling that longs to be expressed? 
If so, what were you called to? 
Was the call honoured, or does it remain unactualized? 
If the latter, what holds you back- Beliefs? 
What price might you be paying for its submergence? 
What has to shift before you can see it through?"