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Monday, July 1, 2013

Hoping for a better future, strengthens a sense of lack, now.

I think inspiration, free flow creation comes from the timeless....It’s only ever the me that seemingly gets in the way.
Life without a story of a coming attraction or past victory is devoid of hope. Hope is the subtlest form of "this is not yet it."
Hopelessness, without the personality pity party of "who is me, nothing matters", is total joy. 
Only a story of time can inspire.

No time, no need for inspiration.

Hope is a kind of suffering...
"Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist, and into them enters suffering in order that they may have existence." - Leon Bloy

Some people get a bit upset when they hear it, but it is true. I guess hope is a tool for some until they learn that tools are unnecessary!

 It can only appear like something emerges. Without memory, the movie never rewinds for a second-look, freshness every moment without direction.

The tyranny of hope, keeping us in thrall to the idea of a 'better' time...

Living the story of your life, IS Life. Knowing it is in a constant flux, so no attachment to any one outcome. We all have some sort of attachments, in honesty.

What is needed to be is there, will 'be' there, whether one chooses to 'be there' or not. Sometimes one has no choice if you will, and unconsciousness and ego do take over, your lost in total identity, story and circumstances will be what they will be.

This is the nature of the beast. 
Here is where the light of your presence, and compassion from shared human condition can transmute to another, and compassion through whatever 'creative' 'intelligent' means, can bring empathy, a hand, a hug, thoughtful guidance, space, or ?...... 
Compassion as You are the other....

Now if one has no compassion or reverence for oneself, well then, 'That' IS another 'story'. 
Sometimes, the projection outward towards others, IS the dis-owned self, which needs to be embraced.
Sometimes, it is that we cannot see yet. 

There 'ARE' different levels, and 'understanding' comes when one has the ability to receive and there is 'giver' that assumes that space and enters and fills, to satisfy both.

We do that endlessly without even knowing it, although some may 'know' it. Sometimes the uncertainty is painful, scary, the without direction may not feel fresh to other selves. 
Allowing all, all that is, is the ultimate teacher as then teacher is student forever.

They do their dance, and while dancing the two cancel out and there is none but One.