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Friday, July 12, 2013

The reality of the moment~of life~

Life in the world is full of pertinent news not only news about Washington or Hollywood or the Middle East, but also news about us.

Everywhere we look we can find accurate information and useful statistics about our most personal behaviour.
In fact, there exists a brilliant feed-back system that is working at all times, offering free information about how to and how not to function in the world.

For every action we take, reality leaves little messages about the wisdom or folly of our behaviour.

Pay attention to the way life already was to read life like you would a newspaper; to read everything that happens to you and to others as pertinent news about the reality of being human, of being you.

We have to develop trust in reality:
If you take steps to accomplish something, that action will have a result either failure or success.

Trust is knowing that there will be a message.

When you trust in those messages, the reflections of the phenomenal world, the world begins to seem like a bank, or reservoir, of richness.

You feel that you are living in a rich world, one that never runs out of messages.
Those messages are regarded neither as punishment nor as congratulations.
You trust, not in success, but in reality.

Take a step back and looked at the difficult situation as a “reservoir of richness.”

Somewhere deep in the problem were hints not only about the solution, but also about how we got into the mess in the first place.
The problem was a bank of messages and so stopped flailing around, feeling guilty on the one hand and blame on the other.

Instead  go down to the business of decoding the message.