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Thursday, July 18, 2013

When I meet people where they are, rather than overtly or covertly trying to change them, the result is standing in heaven together.

Looking forward to when that is automatic, in the meantime, sorry everybody.

It arises less and less. 
I know this because I am crying more at more at the simple beauty of the world.

The urge to change someone is protection. 
When I can find what I am trying to protect myself from, almost always it comes down to the fear of Loving, and STOP resisting it, nothing changes in the other person and I see them as if they were God. 

This is the gift of the world. 
It continues to present itself just as it is, and I get to learn how to open my heart to it wider and wider and wider, until the whole thing is inside it.

Who needs labels like hell or heaven? 
To welcome the moment as it appears without labelling, comparing or judging is never hell or heaven, it is at it is .
Sometimes painful, sometime full of joy - LIFE in different expressions , nor THIS neither THAT.

I'm a puddle on the floor, melting