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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You have to be the most trustworthy person that you know....

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/ \    Imagine for a second you are alone on an island full of wild animals that simply want what they want. It's not good or bad. 
It's just the way it is.
Now, instead of being afraid of this being the case, notice you are one of them. Rather than feel fear there is no one to trust, imagine, like you're on Survivor, that you have to REALLY trust yourself.

Feel that feeling completely,
"I have to trust myself above everyone and everything else."

Then, instead of fearing the people in the world, have compassion for how hard it is to feel completely trusting of the only person who never leaves.

You are not an accordion of yesterdays. 
You are not on trial for a single action ever attributed to you. 
There is no jury and no judge. No one on earth is in charge of you. 
The name tag is blank and the face is a mask. 
Remembering who you are is as simple as remembering you are not relative to anything. 

You are Absolutely Free.!!!!!