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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another between-the-eyes straight from the hip zinger!!!

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Who it should be is who it is.
What it should be is what it is.
When it should be is when it is.
Where it should be is where it is.
Why it should be is why it is.
How it should be is how it is.
Go outside and watch the perfection roll, walk, crawl, ride, and blow by.

Existence is exactly as is....and that is what is looking right now.

What happens, happens.
What is liked cannot be helped.
What is disliked cannot be helped.
Nothing can be helped.

It is perfection appearing to unfold as a universe.

The universe illuminates you and you illuminate the universe.
This illumination does not discriminate, even against discrimination.

Everything you see is pointing right at you like a child playing peek-a-boo.
"I seeeeeeeee yooooou."
Doesn't matter if it is the compost bin, the garbage truck or the sunrise.

Illumination is ceaseless.

That choiceless aspect is the most fun...and playful.