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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pierce the smokescreen of fearful indifference. Adventure heartily. Have faith in the shaping of what you cannot see...

A sense of who you are will not unfold if you go to sleep, lazily waiting for life to come to you. 

Never confuse conscious effortlessness with unconscious laziness. There will be angels and helpers, but they cannot do the work for you. 
They just remind you of what you already know. 
The rest is up to you. 

Finding your way home requires a spirit of adventure. 

It does not mean that you always have to do. It means that whatever you are doing, or not doing, is experienced as a spiritual inquiry, an information gathering, an active exploration of reality. 

Sitting still can be a profound adventure if you are present and inquisitive.

Did you know that many are not at peace with their path because they are constantly being seduced that they need to "find" one?

Thus invalidating the simple fact that a Soul cannot be separated from path, peace comes when there is no conflict, correct?

And in this case, the conflict is entirely mental and suggested by the lie that we are not, at our very root, peace.

Touching that heals all else.

Yes, that is often true- the idea that we are entirely perfect in this moment but I do also believe that there is magnificence and deeply sacred purpose that lives at the heart of each birth, one that brings people great peace with path when they can clear through the misidentifications  and obstructions and find it.

I am still trying to find the words to express this seeming duality.