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Sunday, July 28, 2013

There is no awareness. It is. Nothing separate from it is aware of it, totally impossible. No one is in a dream. No one wakes up. It is and there is absolutely nothing that is not It.

There are two camps in this conversation.
One side says,
"Awareness is the ultimate/absolute and the objects are transitory."
The other side says
"There is only objects. Nothing is aware of it."

Both sides point to reading this comment.

The only difference is one of them has a reader and the other doesn't.
It looks the same either way.

The experience here is there is no awareness OF the One.

There is simply the One, thinking, writing, reading, laughing, dancing, eating, sleeping, etc.

Nothing separate from it knows it because there is nothing separate from it.
It is.

The challenge will always be the simple fact that what "life" is, is inherently not a word.

It cannot be known because it is already the constant way of it.