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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In darkness I am blind, and I need, need, need. As darkness I can see, and receive.....

To have gone beyond the story of a nothing, I can only yell from this ledge:

"You must jump off a star into the jagged edge of a whisper.
You will bleed light. Have no fear.
Do not look to your neighbour, no matter how holy his face.
Everyone's forehead is too clean.
She likes to see her children dirty with dust and ash.
If you love the guru with the bright face, make him join you on your knees.
She has no mercy.
I warn you.
Not a drop."

The women know this in a way the men must be submitted in order to understand.

For thousands of years, the religions of the men have slowly destroyed the earth. The time is coming for this to end. Men, give up your pride and women, give up your vanity.

It is only then can we meet in the middle and dance together under Her radiance.

I bleed and my flow is directed by the moon and the tides, my moods are unpredictable ... sometimes many times I cannot think rationally ...
but I can read a poem and moon beams from my eyes...and
I can hold a million broken hearts in my pocket and make porridge whilst I pray...to the dog for humility.

Oh, do I know....she creates and destroys.
Loves fiercely.
And when she gets angry, blood thirsty.

All fear is the fear of God. Pride is the wall one climbs to get into the castle.
The rope is made of gratitude.
Hang yourself with it and make them open the gates to move the body.