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Monday, July 15, 2013


The past is past and has nothing to do with you. 

It has nothing to do with Right Now. 
Do not let anything from your past inhibit you in this Present Moment. 
Start over. 
Start Fresh. 
Each day. 
Each hour, if it serves you. Heck, each minute. 

Just get going. 

But the past is how we arrived at this point in time. 
Every event, 
conversation and 
person that has come into your life is why you are who are and why you are where you are. 

Understanding this helps me give gratitude for all of life blessings- even the difficult ones. My past has everything to do with me because I am my past living in the now.

And in each moment you can make a new choice no matter what your past has been. The present moment is the only place where you have power and connection to Source. 

True in the Context of Time, but for a moment if you detach yourself from it,
Just not think about anything, 
you can observe past is existing only in your mind, 
where thinking happens for sure I hope you know that You have mind but you are not mind, 
you can make it silent or calm by being in a state of silence n through Meditation, if so you are left with utter silence that means NOTHING where anything and everything is right there, 

You can be anything you want as you don’t have any influence of past,
 still you are existing
still you are experiencing
still you are breathing and
still you can lead your life only thing you don’t entertain or give importance to your dead thoughts past or frozen thoughts future.

This just taking birth all over again each sec as you don’t remember anything about your past life GOD has deleted all data n given you free n fresh memory!