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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The places I go to play are made of emptiness clay. I dance and I sing and I crown you the Thing and never leave the skirts of today.

The flow of attention is so exquisite it cannot be broken by any particular experience. 
There is no possibility of anything in the universe being out of place.

I like to play with: 
How is anything happening at all and why in this precise order?
For me it comes in the form of: "What's this *existing* business? 
Why does anything at all have to EXIST?"

The answer is freely available as the immediate experience. How nice to find the most satisfying thing in the universe is the universe not needing to be satisfied.

Life can feel like a game of tag. Chasing satisfaction and running away from pain. But I am always already IT.... game over.
Well, IT is the possibility. The One. There is nothing separate from IT. Nothing. This is it. NOW. HERE. THIS.