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Monday, July 8, 2013

The spirit inside never sleeps....

No matter how far you paddle your boat up the river, if you stop paddling you will start to float backwards. 
You may have a goal to get to a certain place up the river, but once you get to that place, you cannot stay there unless you continue to work to maintain your position. 

The day you don’t feel like paddling to maintain your position, you will find that you have lost some ground and that it will take some work to get back to where you were. 
You will also find that when you quit paddling, you will go back down the river much faster than you paddled up the river.

There is no standing still in the river. 
You are either moving toward your goal or you are moving away from your goal. 
It takes discipline and work to maintain your goal, even after you have obtained it. 

One never satisfied achieving one's goal and then stopping. 
You don’t get to a certain point in your training and think that you are set for life. Continue to train for perfection and excellence in every area of your life.

When you stop training, you start to regress. 
The more you regress, the less prepared you are to meet your enemy. 

Continue to train hard and maintain your level of preparedness. 
Don’t let your skills, which you have worked so hard to achieve, disappear with the current of inactivity.