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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Instead of being politically correct, why not just live an honourable life and behave tactfully with manners?

Political correctness is for the weak, not for the warrior being. I don't believe in political correctness but I do believe in honour and respect to all beings.

I am a warrior! *__^

Live life as a true warrior and you will have no use for political correctness. Those who wish to be at the top of the social ladder need to control those who will never get there. Some call it political correctness, I call it moral decay. 
It never ceases to amaze me as to how cowards can find a philosophy to justify themselves and hide behind whether it be political or religious , for the life of me I haven't determined which of the two is the most dangerous . 
But when these two are combined they are an awesome cocktail . 

I see that we are all cowards. We are just a step away from the coward that we have previously been. 

To thy own self be true. To be politically correct to fit in is self betrayal. 

You can't do wrong right, but you can do right wrong.

There is never a way to do the wrong thing and make it right. Wrong actions are wrong, no matter how you spin them. 
When you do something wrong, there are thousands of ways to justify your actions, but none of those justifications will turn your wrong action into a right action.

On the other hand, you can do do the right thing in the wrong way. 
Whether or not a good action is actually good, depends on both your intentions and the way that you carry out the act. 
You can do the right thing, but do it in the wrong way or with bad intentions, just for appearances, and your good action suddenly isn't so honourable any more.

Make sure that you not only do the right thing, but that you do it with the right intentions, in the right way, and at the right time. 
When your actions fulfilled each of these requirements, you can be assured that they are right and not just for show, or worse. 
Always give thought to your actions before you act.