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Sunday, October 13, 2013

It is a great thing to have a space like this to share, in a world like this one.


Always remember to be grateful for all of the events that have come together, 
the good and the bad days, 
the sad and the glad days, 
the celebrations and the failures, because they have all contributed to who you are in this moment. 

They continue to shape who you are and are becoming. 

Celebrate life, always look for the rainbows, listen to the music of life - laughter of children, singing brooks, whale songs, wolf calls, the song of sunrises and sunsets, conversations with friends, quiet talks with God.... 

The joys are infinite! 

Be grateful for the opportunity to have this life, to our families and friends, even strangers for the part they play in making your circle of life as vivid and fulfilling as possible. 

Dig deep in your own heart and soul for the wisdom and clarity to see your own true value, YOU are unique, amazing and a delight to our Creator! 

Nothing in life is irrelevant, chance is synchronicity working, there are no coincidences...

I AM so grateful for YOU in my life and this crazy, sometimes scary, and always wonder-filled journey we share...

So it is