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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trust in today’s friends as if they might be tomorrow’s enemies...

The wisest path to take is to never trust someone with enough information to hurt you. 
At least not unless there is a very good reason to do so, you have known them for years, and they have proven to be a true friend through the storms of life. 
Even then it is wise to be careful concerning what you share. 
It is always best to keep some things private.

Strive to make sure that your true friends are being of character, honour, and integrity. 
It is someone’s character that truly matters when it comes to friendship. 
Look at what is inside someone when you are thinking of befriending.

 “Ordinary people are friendly to those who are outwardly similar to them. The wise are friendly with those who are inwardly similar to them.” 
Think about this!

I have learned this the hard way recently. Putting too much trust and sharing too much with someone. 
In hindsight I realized she was nothing like me. 
When one must repeatedly talk about how loyal they are, they generally are the least loyal of them all. 
Actions do speak volumes louder than words.