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Monday, October 21, 2013

"Law of Attraction" and "The Secret"???

I think communication is the essential reality: 

What ever method I use to explain causality, the "evidence" must be found where I am. 
Since I am writing this on the fly, I don't know what evidence actually is. 
It appears contextual and not absolute. 
If it were absolute, this would be felt as a memory.

All the sounds are falling through holes. Whether they mean anything or not would take more sounds, taps, nods, pointing or offerings of "stuff" to verify.

Further, if I want something and I don't do anything at all but think about it and then I wait for it to appear in reality and it works then I would be able to make things appear in reality that do not exist. 
I can do this as communication only. 
I cannot manifest an actual dinosaur in reality. 
I can "manifest' the one I can build, though. 
If I build one from the original materials (DNA and friends) then I am still building, functioning as an interface.

If the law of attraction were true, it would apply to everything I could think of without discrimination. 

What I think is happening is probability narratives for causality. 
From my view, I am alive in the one place I have no memory of. 
Communication is what I am.

I can't answer your question due to the impossibility of isolating the causation/correlation puzzle. 

I cannot know if getting what I wanted was caused by wanting it. I could also have been falling towards it the whole time, regardless of thoughts and wanting.

If I try to say it, it comes out poetry: 

pulsating marbles; mobius strip teasing.