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Sunday, October 20, 2013

It is completely crazy when you realise this. There is no one here...

Where does suffering go when we are not thinking about it? 
For that matter, where does our sense of self go when we are not thinking about that? 
Who would you be without that thought of "lingering dissatisfaction"?

This thought of lingering dissatisfaction will come and go, but you, the nameless consciousness, will always be same and constant. 

I was thinking to today about animals and they manage just fine without symbols and concepts. And they don't seem to get that hung up on pain either.

They are not there. 
This is not a trick or an example of denial. 
It's a clue. 
Aside from thought, there is no self and no suffering. 
What we are is beyond or prior to thought. 
We are that in which thought arises and passes away with its fantasies of self and suffering.

The only knowing of self is actually "nothingness". 
All that you may think you are but really aren't...keeps you reeling under all kinds of effects, and sufferings!!! Neither this....nor that!! or..... Not this! Not that!!..... 
Neti! Neti! Neti!!

Knowledge is the mindful impetus of a suffering being. 
The movement of be to being, present and future, and space and time; all arise in the thought that we can creatively or conceptually know the unknown. 
Thought is not truth because it changes, but it becomes the subjective reality upon which we place our sense of value.

No, knowledge is not knowing. 
They are polar opposites. 
While knowledge limits, knowing frees. Knowledge is the end of knowing...because you already know! 
Now there is no scope of knowing further! 
There is nothing more to know!!! 
"Knowing" is experiencing, simply....without the bias of predicting the next moment on the basis of last one!!

Gratitude is eternal, not occasional-- if you have really experienced it. 
For now, my gratitude is to help me remember who I am and live in the full power of my spirit.

I live only in now. 
And NOW is total and absolute, leaving no residues behind. 
That is the only real time we have...both the past and future are non-existent and imaginary! 
My life is divided into health and growth.