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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Everything is the same and at the same time, everything is different. How could that be?

Well, let's examine that a bit...

You have a body. 
Your body is one single body; it is not several bodies. Right? 

But, your body has many different parts, fingers, toes, organs, hair, etc. 

All of these parts are different, and yet, they are part of the same body. 
And, even if you look at one of these parts closer, through a microscope, you will see thousands of different parts that may not have realized were there. 
All of these are a part of the whole. They are the same... your body, but different.

The world works the same way. 

Everything in this world contains the same energy. 
We are all part of the Universal energy, and yet, at the same time, 
there are billions of different parts on this planet that share this energy, 
just like there are many different parts of your physical body sharing the same body. 

Reflect the deeper meaning of this thought and see where your thoughts go.