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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scratches on a glassless window made by a swaying branch...

Too Simple;

--Whatever happens in the story of peoples doesn't really happen. We know this somewhere under all the "honouring traditions." We know whatever we think we're doing has very little to do with how simple life is. Life is so simple, we are an after-thought.

--To lose hope in humanity and society is not the same as losing life. To lose life is impossible because nothing separate ever had it in the first place. 

--Reality is too simple. It is unaffected by what we think it is. The flowers do not wait for us to think 'bloom' nor does the heart wait for us to think 'beat'. 

--There is nothing I can do about the universe. I am a rain drop heading for an oncoming windshield.

--We don't fear indifference or apathy. We fear no one has ever lived beyond thoughts. This fear is our intelligence crawling out of the mud of what we were told "you must do or else." 

--Holding the sign yesterday and the ticker-thought-tape flashed, 

"This isn't important at all. There is nothing here in danger of following its course." 
It didn't have any effect on the cars whizzing by nor my feet.

--What happens when we wake up in the morning is we survive. What happens when we die is we survive. The surviving is molecular and there is nothing we can do about it. 

--We worship the ancestors of the story we like the best of them all. This doesn't mean we know anything about who has been here.

--Our life story is a metronome tick-ticking on a handless piano. 

--It is in trying to change ourselves that we create hell. Without our effort, things naturally fall together and apart. Caring is forced on us by us. 

--We care only as much as we can stand the agony of caring. 

--All the psychological problems in society come from society. The toe and finger nails grow regardless of sanity. 

--If we wish to be sane, we must admit the fact we think we own things is insane. 

--We cannot dress up in anything but sloughing-off skin. 

--We think because we can't do otherwise. This doesn't mean we live. To live we simply must find food, water and a hole to crawl in when it gets too hot or cold. 

--The royal "we", not the other kind. I could no more speak for another man than I could speak for another woman.