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Saturday, October 5, 2013


The experience of Emptiness or No-self does often result in a state of bliss, lightness, and love. 
But existing in a state of constant bliss is not possible and really not the goal of spiritual life. 
The desire for unending bliss is just another way the ego has of staying "alive" and asserting its agenda of being dissatisfied with what is and seeking something better. 
Remember, seeking is suffering and vice versa.
What changes after awakening is not that we enter into a permanent state of bliss. ALL mind states are fleeting by definition. 
Rather, we loosen our identification with ego consciousness and the world so that none of the passing phenomena created by thought can fool us into believing that it is real ever again. 

We come to identify ourselves as non personal, non dual Awareness itself. 
In other words, we simply come to understand deeply who we are and what we are not and that nothing is at stake since we are safe and secure as ALL OF IT.

While subtle bliss states certainly do accompany such insight, they are never permanent nor do they need to be. 
What IS permanent is our awareness that we are Awareness Itself, living life through the perspective of individual identity. 
After that, life goes on pretty much as before "chopping wood and carrying water." 

And what drops away is the desire to be or do anything other than what we are being and doing at this moment. 
Why seek anything else when we have always been that for which we seek?