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Monday, October 28, 2013

Disable of nature of law.....

As is the tendency, so is the desire, 
as is the desire, so is the action, so is the birth into another being after death. 

The body is the seed the of tree a perpetual chain. 
The seed perishes in developing into a tree and
Tree again produces the seed. 

This cycle continues eternally. 

Even so, one's takes a body, does action,
Develops tendencies, dies and puts on a new body in accordance with its nature. 

This continue us till it get the knowledge of the Self by transcending tree ‘qualities’ 

Then ignorance, root cause of birth and death, is completely destroyed.

Faith is born of one’s individual nature that is, Of latent impressions of virtuous and vicious action performed in past births which manifest themselves at the time of death. 

In the subconscious 

Mind there is reservoir of past impression, which are revived through the operation of memory.

Faith is the main support of life It is not a mere intellectual belief.