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Friday, October 18, 2013

De-escalation - the peaceful weapon of true being...

Never have I looking for a fight. I am a true being of peace and honour, not a brawler. 

In fact, I finds it a more interesting victory if we can defeat our 'enemies', without fighting at all, through de-escalation - the art of the invisible victory.

The more you perfect the art of de-escalation, the more you enjoy using it to get out of tight spots. 

It is a powerful weapon, and one which poses very little risk if used correctly. 

Many times your enemy will walk away feeling that she has defeated you, while only you know that you completely achieved your goal in the situation. 

You have thoroughly defeated your enemy, and without him/her even knowing what happened. 

That is the greatest kind of victory. 

Choose what is right with invincible resolution.

It should not matter to the one of character what others think, say, or do. Focus is always on what is right according to the principles has decided to make our own. 

It is these inner principles which determine the true character, and the dedication to these principles will be exhibited through thoughts, words and actions.

Professing to live by a set of principles, no matter how lofty those principles may be, is worthless if they do not manifest themselves through your thoughts, words and actions. 

It is not enough to be a person of character in your own mind; you have to be the person of character in every aspect of your life, starting with your underlying principles. 

Even if your actions appear upstanding to those around you, if the underlying motivations and principles are skewed, your actions are questionable at best. 


 life is an active battle we fight every second, between Good and Evil and we fight with:
Good Thoughts
Good Speech

Good Actions

Or Chaos wins.