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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ik luister dat wat hoort... Ik kijk dat wat ziet... Ik ben dat wat is...

We believe, in accordance with spiritual truth of the highest realization that as long as the human being strives to have fun it will never become free.

It will remain a slave to its own chemical feedback loop; a hamster stuck on a wheel. If you like having fun, you are not awake.

 The body’s natural tendency is to feel connected, alive, happy, and transparent and inspired and to follow what feels right and deepen in its potential. Fun can be and is a natural outcome of this dynamic.
And fun is related with sex, self-connection and connection with others which seems to be most scary and taboo for many people.
And in fact fun sounds to me like a poor translation of contemned, lightness, sensitivity, openness and laughter.

I am getting reports back from various festival 'spiritual' or otherwise attendees this summer, and they are enlightening to the nature of how greed, elitism, and disrespect run rampant.

It is what I feel about anything that tries to get 'big' and capitalize on trend, which may have started with good intentions, but goes the way of business in the lack of conscious organizing and focus. 

If "people dancing, singing, exploring consciousness and sharing resources" was the steadfast 'bottom line', then the ways of corrupting the forum of the festival would not gain hold.

When I first started hearing about and being exposed to Burning Man I felt a bit excited to see some of the relations I knew as a child growing up in and with predominantly 'hippie/alternative' environments and people. 
But as I learned more about what it takes to make the festival happen and saw that the 'gift economy' and alternative modes of existence that were being engaged in were predominantly not being brought back into the commons, were more or less just being bragged about to market BM, I could see it wasn't maintaining its original supposed intention.

That, just like so much else, the 'fun and pleasure focus' gave way to money and image, it's inherent in the 'ego identification' it seems.

It is one thing to just admit, "Hey, we just want to get together and have a lot of fun exploring experience and partying, take a break from our 'everyday lives'...and 
perhaps find ways to create business and market ourselves when we return so we can make more money".

But it is another to perpetuate an altruistic image of 'sustainability' and counter culture exploration that is attempting to address the power paradigm of capitalism,
or at least a debt inducing financial system that keeps many enslaved to it, while at the same time letting corporations infuse themselves into the environment and use up so many resources and
energy to hold the event, when much of that could be used to forum and brainstorm in local communities on the very issues that the festival is supposedly attempting to support.