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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Too simple ....

Society creates delusions of beauty:

Trimming fur, clipping claws, scraping fangs, soaping holes…all so we will let us near us long enough for the genetic hand-off. The body doesn’t care what it looks like at all. That’s why it keeps growing like a wilderness. 

Without the desire to be chosen sexually, we are released from all the forms of junior high school society represents.

The pain we feel is natural. It is the suffering we undergo because we believe what we think, that is what is unnatural. It is so far from natural, the second we cease to believe anything we hear us say, our understanding of our lives just disappears into the simplicity of the heartbeat and breath. 

All our ideas are baby teeth falling from our mouths. Nothing we say is worth biting into. We know this clearly. It is in ignoring our living simplicity that we wander around looking for someone worth listening to in between meals.

I ripped the numbers of clock and calendar out of my head. I see them and I use them, but I do not believe them anymore than I believe my name.

What would we look for something else to do for? We are surrounded by nothing we can really understand and yet, we search for something else to experience. 

If we are something in reality, we could never know it. It would be incommunicable. It would be the same as thinking the face is in the mirror when we see it.

Science is a process of justifying actions. It is no different than religion at all. Not one bit. Both are methods of generating comfort in the face of the terror of being so simple. The fact science extends our identity a little longer fools us into thinking it is a kind of truth. We fared for hundreds of thousands of years without measurement. 

We don’t want to live as much as we think we do. We’d rather laze about without cares. That's why we work so hard. 

Our words force us off a cliff we'd rather dangle our legs over and watch the birds from. The birds don’t bother watching us for long. We yearn to have their disinterest in our lives and yet, we won’t stop building cannons out of sounds to blow our heads off with.

We don’t know what is best or worst for others without believing we have answers to our own lives. We don’t have those answers. We don’t know the thought following this one.

The idea we experience a transformation requires us to believe what we can remember what happens. We can't. We have no idea what we are saying.

We trade on emotions. It's the only thing we can do in our crippled state of fearing our natural solitude. 

When in real danger, the body runs or fights without us. 

We don’t have any way of understanding reality as it is and reality has no need for us to. We know this and it makes us feel left out. This is why we work so hard to prove something we made up. We build entire industries around proving what we invent. We cannot relax into surviving. It terrifies us to be equal to the dogs and cats. 

Nothing we make can actually save a life and we won't let anyone go. Humans are control-freaks, drowning in a sea of invented confusion.

The amount of energy we put into creating facades is proportional to our fear there isn’t anything behind it. 

If we stop caring, we don’t live or die.

Talking about our mind is equal to talking about our bowel movements. We can no more know the size of our morning dump than we can anything else before we see it. Even then we don’t really know what we see. We’re blind and deaf to everything.

No one remembers what happens. We record for no reason. We are merely on until we are off. 

We seek hope because we know it doesn’t exist. This is as close to intelligence as we get.

There is nothing that can be done about a society of meat robots. I don't speak against it as much as speak into it; an animal on a hilltop moaning into the wind.

Reality is a game of Tetris no one can win. When we think we know something, it is simply a line of random colours vanishing into oblivion. We don’t know the length of cue, nor its order. We are the boxes we cannot successfully arrange.

We don’t long for anything new. In fact, it is our affair with newness we hope to be saved from by the new thing. 

We are living in the terror of our ignorance of what is happening now. If this isn’t enough, nothing we imagine will be. That same terror would pass right over whatever we think we need to experience when we get wherever else we’d rather be experiencing. 

We are not interested in impressing each other at all. We do everything we can think of to get as far away as we can from caring what we think.

The royal 'we', not the other kind. I speak for no one.