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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ending Confusion...

If the desire is to not be confused, then explore the following:
All confusion is symbolic.  
Perception is not confused.

The fact of existence precedes the interpretation of "what it means". 

 If you look to your left, no matter how you draw the lines in what you see, you see.   
 If you listen to the room, no matter how you label the sounds you hear, you hear.
 If you touch the desk, no matter how you label the sensation, you sense.
 If you look at what is looking, listen to what is listening and sense what is sensing, you reclaim your essence from the momentum of interpretations.

Confusion arises from symbolic interpretation of perception, not from the essence of perception.  An easy way to think about this is,
 "What was here before language was? Is it here now?"

You are the essence of perception, or if you have advaitist tendencies, the essence of perception is all there is.

Yes, this means you don't get to know in any ultimate way what anything is.  
You only get to know that it is.  

Meditation is what you are. You can’t do anything to be aware. Awareness is what you are. You are the light that allows every movie to be seen. Resting as awareness isn’t possible because exerting as awareness isn’t possible. Awareness is and you are that.