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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wisdom is not in words; it is in understanding. Rumi

 “A man without knowledge, a world in darkness.” 

Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. 
Without some knowledge of how things work in this world, it is impossible to have any understanding of how the world works, and therefore impossible to develop wisdom.

The first step in developing wisdom is to become knowledgeable. 

Study and learn about many different subjects, but especially about the subjects that can affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. 
Developing a vast array of knowledge is crucial, especially knowledge that guides us on our journey through the warrior lifestyle. 
To be a superior man, you must acquire as much knowledge as you possibly can. 

Never stop learning.

“He alone is truly a man who is illuminated by the light of the true knowledge.” 

You must obtain true knowledge, not simply a bunch of facts which you file away in your memory bank. 

Being able to recite hundreds of facts and figures does you little good, unless you make a living on game shows. 

You have to be able to put the knowledge which you acquire to use for it to be valuable in your life.