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Friday, October 4, 2013

And the words slide into meaninglessness and re-emerge...and I use them to show my awe....

All words are open to interpretation and misinterpretation. 

This is particularly true of words that speak about the spirit the reality that lies beyond the limitations of physical matter, 
and that therefore cannot be perceived by the five senses, or known as an object of consciousness. 

All interpretations of such words fall into two distinct categories interpretations that are strictly non-dualistic, admitting no division of the one and only reality, and interpretations that are either completely dualistic, or that at least concede that within the one reality there are divisions and distinctions that are real. 

Ultimately the interpretation that we each choose to accept depends not upon the truth itself - because the nature of the truth cannot be proved objectively but upon our own personal preferences.

It's really a fundamental and beautiful aspect of reality. 
It is so completely inscrutable to us we can interpret it in numerous ways, overlay beliefs, theories, etc. 

What a grand show.