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Thursday, August 29, 2013

To have both is to be the most dangerous thing on the island, or the most useful.

Emotional Intelligence is more important in life than I.Q. One can have an amazingly high IQ and still be emotionally stunted at the age of a tantruming two year old. 
This happens a lot. 
You may have noticed. 
It often shows up as malignant narcissism. 

My EQ was always higher than my IQ; fortunately I'm just highly gifted.  Hahahaha

This magnificent machine has a dual processor...both needs to be aligned for it to work at highest capacity.
It would be nice to be highly intelligent and emotionally mature.... I am sure there are a few people out there who have made it. 
In fact I have actually met a few.

Most humans are driven by emotion. In every arena. In all areas of life. Simply observe and that becomes very obvious.

To me it seems that many people simply ignore their intuitive and emotional signals and instead forge straight ahead with some dogma of logic that their ego has convinced them to pursue. You can't appeal to those people with emotion, lest you 'upset them' and 'make them' angry.

Emotional body in denial is the worst condition. 
Blaming, casting out, ignoring, tamping down emotion response is ugly and stultifying. 
That energy has to be moved. 
Emotions move. 
It is their nature. That doesn't mean club everyone over the head with them, it means feel and deal as a friend would say.

Emotions heal the body and mind when they move as is their nature. Mind and emotion in balance is heart. At least, that's what I have found works for me.

It seems the most effective strategy is simply to resist "enabling" such emotionally stunted, selfish individuals.

Along with immaturity, many are also amoral and cannot "connect" to the feelings of others. 
If they cannot get their way, then they try other strategies...they may not be genuine or caring, but at least, sometimes, they are not as demanding, threatening or obnoxious.

I admit to a special "sadistic streak" when dealing with others who act this way -- 
I make them apologize and express sincere regret for their insults, demands or crude behaviour. I consider it a form of slow reform. 
But if they don’t well I have nothing to lose....Byeee  *__*

With emotionally immature people, especially with high IQs, you have to consistently give a clear message that you are not to be abused and what the consequences are if you are. 

Set clear firm limits and be consistent.