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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Children have a much broader understanding of things than we give them credit for, in fact their vision is sometimes clearer due to the lack of a corrupted mind. Basically you should have a conversation not a lecture.

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/ \ How would you really explain death??? "How can we die?! It's impossible!" asked my 16 year old son and I would laugh and he would laugh and the age/knowledge illusion would collapse and it would be US there, digging the joke.

"For thousands of years families made up stories to explain what happened to them. This sky you see here was the original billboard upon which different voices created advertising. You know, like TV commercials telling you why buying something is good for you? 

Well, these folks living before TV, inside lights, books and radio used this big connect-the-dot board that popped into view most nights to build a common story about what might be happening to them, where they might have come from, how they should behave, and what might be coming in the future.

The cool part was all over the island different families were telling different stories and no one was right or wrong. They were just guessing.
Some of those guesses are still around. Fortunately and unfortunately, the space shrunk through the advancement of communication technology, how we shout louder and now families all over the island go to war over their neighbour’s guesses. 

It's very sad.

Since I haven't died yet I don't really know what happens. However, we can both lie here and wonder about all the different guesses families have made and if you feel like it, we can make one up.

All there is are colours sounds feelings thoughts tastes and fragrances. You never have to wait when all of this dies because then time dies as well. Maybe next time some dimensions/sensations more or less but never nothing cause nothing lasts no-time." said I