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Monday, August 26, 2013

Fear of Not Knowing...

--The fear of not knowing what billions of animals made up has created entire generations of wonderkinds who believe intelligence and stupidity are real things. To all those who ever thought someone really knew the truth, a salute to you! No one around knows their mass from a hole in the sound! 

--In all matches of stakes, play best and cheer for other to win. Maximizes overall gaming pleasure by utilizing both self-respect and empathic joy.

--Survival is not really a game of stakes. It is more like an untreasure hunt.

--Exactness on the # of humans on the island is impossible. Approximations only. Can't even know who all is here! HA!

--It is a kindness to be a homebody.

--Desire chooses reality. Consequences are impartial.

--Biological desire and cultural desire are different enough ways to suffer.

--The cessation of suffering doesn't have to last that long. It can be brief.

--Compassion is sincerely understanding desires don't feel that great.

--An A+ is just someone power trippin'. Which one of these monkeys has the authority to hand out grades on make-believe?

--Patience with desires is a key feature to maximizing smilin'.

--Desire is streamlined. It does not possess the luxury of options. It mirrors reality as is.

--Failure doesn't have to be achieved.

--Laughter feels better than grieving the loss of control.

--Love is the cheapest and most effective beauty product on the island.

--Universe? Yeah right, like anyone's around who has seen one of those.

--Between sufferings, sloggings, and slumberings awe fills in the cracks in the Damn!

--Culture is the fence between mysteries.

--Aliens; each and every mutation.

--Youthfulness is the joy of being able to not care too much about other people's stuff.

--Zen is the sudden erection of a ? into a ! at the sight of a 0.