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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simply true, between sight and sound....

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/ \   We spend our lives defending and protecting identities that will be forgotten forever. This can make us a little fussy and neurotic. 
Today, this one persona of mine arose in her gertrudian magnificence of smallness and defensiveness. About five minutes after she was on centre stage I found myself laughing out very loudly.

We are not our reputation... a hard lesson to learn! We see us everywhere we look, our head is so massive.
We is surfing the edge of us.

We’re love when we aren't fear.
We’re kindness when we aren't competing.
We’re patience when we aren't anxious.
We’re courage when we aren't waiting.
We’re the art of motion and emotion.
We don't have to fight us over what we say.
We can love us as we are.


Found my identity changing like 1000 times a day. Is it even an identity...?