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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Universal Way is not just a matter of speaking wisdom, but one of continual practice. Lao Tzu

It does no good to study wisdom or to sit around and talk about wisdom with your peers, if you do not practice wisdom. 
The same goes for honour, integrity, character, and all the other traits that are a part of lifestyle. 
As Lao Tzu taught, the way is not simply a matter of speaking about things, but one of continual practice. 
If the traits of lifestyle are not put into action in the life, they are worthless. 
Skills unused are of no benefit.

The lifestyle in not about imagination or fantasy; it is about developing your life to the highest possible point. 

The life of excellence in everything we does. 

We are a doer, not a talker. 

The being who simply talks a good talk, but never follows through on what one professes, is not an honest being, but rather a want-to-be. 
We may know the language, but we have not committed to live the lifestyle.

On the other hand, we takes our chosen path too seriously to merely talk about things such as honour and integrity, without making them a vital part of our everyday life. 

This is not a game to the true being; this is who we are. 
We are a being of wisdom, integrity and honour. 
We are sincere in our quest for the elusive perfection of character.

We may not only talks the talk, but we also walks the walk. 

Be a doer, not a talker. 
Take the path of the true being seriously and it will reward you greatly.