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Monday, August 5, 2013


It is fascinating to look at disagreement.

Something someone says or does trigger in me certain thoughts and emotions.
I feel a constriction, a narrowing, and yet I don't feel it.
The constriction is hijacked by...
'Hey, you're wrong, I'm right'.

Then thought engages in arguing you down and arguing me as correct, because I don't want to feel constricted.

Suddenly, I stop.

What is going on?

I scan the body and discover sensation.
I might even discover that the sensation is overlaid with layers of thought...
'I don't like feeling this way,
He did it to me,
I thought I was over this stuff,
She always does this to me, 
What's wrong with her?,
How come he does not get me? 

Then, I realize that this entire process has nothing to do with anyone else. 
It is strictly between me and me.
I simply don't like this sensation and I am doing my best to block it...
To no avail.

As I get close to the sensation, as I enter into it...I see it is mostly space...
Space, that thought tries to turn into non space.

Simply the space of sensation.
Then I laugh.

 Good description of a nano second of what its like to be a human