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Friday, August 16, 2013

Things shift when we shift. Whatever I am doesn't mind visitors....

I find truth in anything anyone ever says about me, so nobody can be my enemy. 

Call me a fraud, I can find it. 
Call me a liar, I can find it. 
Call me a failure, I can find it. 
Call me unreasonable, irresponsible, ignorant, deluded, full of ego, totally unenlightened, the worst being in the world, I can find all of it. 

As consciousness, I can find anything. 

Like you, I have have nothing to hide, nothing to lose, and no image to protect. 

Every possible facet of human experience is available here. 

This is truly the end of war. 

It is the end of protecting and defending a mirage called 'me'. 

So, next time you get triggered by something someone says to you or about you, ask yourself this: 
"What am I defending?" 

This inquiry is the key to unimaginable peace. 
Deep gratitude to anyone who has ever given me any kind of feedback.

note to G, Rose, and Sue with love <3 span="">