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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Numbers are agreements between brains, like sounds and letters. No one has ever left the sandbox.

I'm a moving contradiction. 

My experience is my experience, and it changes constantly. 
The changes are subtle. 
So it appears that nothing changes, if I'm not there to notice. 

But when I'm here to notice the momentum of change is wondrous and diverse in form. 
The kicker is I am always here noticing, of course right!!! 

But an appearance, a labelled believed experience can make think otherwise, when seeking for salvation from my pain. 
There is no salvation beyond what is happening. 

For this reason, in an ultimate sense it is ridiculous to seek freedom from pain. 
But from the place of being a person it is not. 

So I will seek no pain until I can dill with responsibly. 
Only when I can learn this responsibility in my experience can I have the freedom I desire, even though it is always right in front of me.