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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Assume there is such a thing as cause-effect. Then what determines how a cause is turned into what effect. That could be free will / creativity.

No one dreams of meeting aliens that are in a graver state than man is, or weaker, or stupider. It is an equal possibility though.

That's only daunting if one's hoping and worrying while waiting for something to happen :)

I am once again making a desperate attempt to swallow the whole ocean into my belly.

The more and more conclusions your mind generates about existence, is the more boundaries you create for yourself.

Truth is not some kind of conclusion for your mind to grasp.

For those who are involved in the inner process of inquiry, what is important is not truthfulness, what is important is any skilful means that helps to deepen your perception.

For now it is enough to simply understand that for whatever reasons, you have accumulated a mass of memories in your mind which carry certain tendencies, causing you to gravitate in various different ways through life.

That is what psychological karma is all of the tendencies of past memories which are influencing the present.
If you observe your mind this will be found to be obvious.

There is no need to drag metaphysical and philosophical ideas into this.