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Monday, August 12, 2013

I don't have to prepare to share what I am...

 I just love that this last week I met a bunch of folks for satsangish style meetings and not once did I think about what I was going to say, saying, or had said. 

It all happens perfectly when I am standing in my heart.....and IF you DO prepare to share what you are.....then that's perfect, too 
That's because, who we are, is already "prepared," is already here/there. 
There is then joy in the spontaneous expression. 

This reminds me of improve comedy performing. 
To live in the moment with your scene partner, you cannot bring anything in your mind, but must simply respond.

Having any expectation about what will happen only interferes. 
We also emphasize being real and allowing/accessing genuine feeling.

There is some implied idea that some people may prepare when interacting with others, perhaps because they feel somewhat anxious when doing so. 

This may emerge from judgements that have been internalized from others, contributing to feelings that one cannot be one's true self. We must give ourselves and one another the permission and space to be who we really are, and take joy in the realness of each. 

In improve comedy two of the most basic premises are: 
1) Everything your partner says or does is a gift; 
2) Make them look brilliant. 
Indeed everything we all do is a gift and is brilliant. 

We're alive now.....?

 Damn! I thought this was a dress rehearsal. 

I was planning on fixing all of my mistakes in the real performance.