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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quieten your body. Quieten your mind. Buddha

Meditation is an important part of my lifestyle. 
You should take time to sit quietly and calm your body and your mind in order to develop certain qualities that you need to develop on your journey. 
Science has proven that there are many benefits associated with meditation.

These benefits have been known to the sages for thousands of years and now we know that they are more than just myths. 
Meditation will help us control our emotions, stay calm in the midst of trouble, and develop our intuition.

It is also important to sit quietly and meditate or reflect on your beliefs. 

This too is a must for the true being. 
Only through reflecting on what you believe and why you believe what you believe, can you truly understand yourself and the standards by which you live.

It is vital for us to take time out from our busy schedule, and spend some quiet time contemplating who we truly are, what our code of honour is, and why we lives according to the principles of the true being lifestyle.

We seem to have a hard time slowing down and just sitting quietly with our thoughts. 

Most of us would rather be working out or doing something active, but meditation is an important habit for the being to develop.

The lifestyle has many different components which must be perfected, and spending time in quiet solitude happens to be one of those components. 

Don’t confuse sitting quietly in meditation or internal reflection with doing nothing. 
There is a big difference.