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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Words must be spoken only when they can say far better than what can be said through silence!

Dearest pain body, I witnessed you, sidestepped you, rose above you, numbed you, intellectualized you, outran you. 
I was so good at it, that I thought you were gone. 
Silly me, confusing self-avoidance with emotional health. 
In fact, you were right here, a karmic seed longing to mature into a garden of expansion, waiting in the wings to be nourished into view. 
Repressed emotions are unactualized spiritual lessons. Excavate, excavate, excavate…

Ignore everything that doesn't serve the honouring of your purpose.

Not ignore as in pretend it isn't there- ignore as in find a way to keep your eyes on the purpose at the end of the tunnel no matter what’s pressing up against you.
We lose our way when we get so lost in our distractions that we lose faith in finding our path.
But when we can hold a vision of purpose safe no matter what...it deepens within us and ensures that we will honour it when the moment is right.
There is such a fine line between relational passion and avoidant intensities.