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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why apologize ever for who you are and why ever be ashamed of being YOU

Let’s joyfully and genuinely celebrate the bozo within...

Here’s a secret:
we are all more alike than we are unalike.

We all share the same human foibles. And yet we try to hide those ‘bozo’ qualities from each other. We don’t want people to think we have weakness, weirdness or worries.

God forbid someone should know about your dysfunctional family, your chronic procrastination, or your anxiety about the world, or how about those goofy things you are prone to doing…

Better keep those embarrassing titbits under wraps…

What a waste of energy!
And what a shame!

It’s in our shared humanness that we find friendship and intimacy. So, come out of hiding share your genuine self- your best self and your bozo self.

You will be surprised how that opens the door for others to share their genuine self with you. And then we can all stop pretending that we are someone we are not.

When we realize that everyone- regardless of fame or fortune or age or brains or beauty- is also a bozo on the bus of life, a strange thing happens.

We cheer up.
We let go of our feelings of shame and isolation.
We become less judgemental and more forgiving.

It is wonderful to take your place on the bus with the other bozos. It may be the first step to enlightenment to understand with all your brain cells that we in this together.

Then you can sit back, and enjoy the ride.