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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I do know one thing about me:
"I don't measure myself by others' expectations or let others define my worth."

Spending time with me will enlightening you so to say the least, in clinical terms I am a disaster but my selfless dysfunction is why it works.

Inside of every living thing is an inner drive, to completely and wondrously self-express. That is, to be what it is, totally.

It is clear to me that we all react in life challenges in different ways and I am no exception.

I recognize the pain and sometime I do what is necessary to alter, sometime I defy others expectation and occasionally I rise to meet them.

But the constant is to be true to ourselves.

I do what I had to when I have to.

I react for better or worst.

This is why I am successful...being me in my own way.


Intelligence is like underwear. It's important that you have it but there's no need to show it off. ^__*