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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Although there may be a destiny point pre - ordained, we have free will - there are many different routes to that destiny - one may linger and put off that destiny, one may hasten it, getting there sooner or it may be possible to make a whole new, destiny.

This sounds EXACTLY like what Einstein described about time - the past, present, and future exist at once.

There are many different roads in between leaving and getting there - the analogy he gave, was riding in a carriage.

The leaving point still exists, the destiny point exists, the passenger is in between - the window allows us to view PART of the "time", the bigger the window, the more of time we see.

The carriage is the present. Although we are headed to our destiny on a well taken route - a flood, or, perhaps a tree, blocks it off, now; a different route must be taking.

That is how I see pre - destiny - NOT set in stone. I believe in Karma, and, reincarnation - perhaps a route we did not take in the present, was taken in a previous life, or, in the next.

We have all heard of people about to take a certain flight, BUT, a strange premonition cancelled it for them, only to have all the passengers on that flight, killed in a crash.

Had that person gone as scheduled, another death would have been added - was destiny changed - POSSIBLY???