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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wake up!!

It's a sad reality that some cultures are obsessed with the comfort zone of constantly being ill, The addiction to always want to visit doctors frequently as though something was wrong if they didn't.

It's a social epidemic how some individuals enjoy competing whose illness is more mysterious and how they have been to every possible doctor and done every test under the sun and now are disappointed they didn't find anything positive, i.e. - a definite diagnosed! 

It's a cancerous myth that we are doomed to chronic diseases when middle age sets in.

Imo, this is the principle causes of accelerating aging (as I have seen blatantly in South Asian women in particular). 

By the time they reach their late 30's they've already retired from youthfulness and begin to say- "We aren’t getting any younger."

Well, nobody is getting any younger since the day we were BORN! But we have the power and RESPONSIBILITY to choose the QUALITY of our lives. 

Beginning with our diets to the level of exercise we commit to our physical temples, and most importantly - a holistic mentality via breathing from a place of Peace and Love. 

Please, for the sake of your own well-Being, Let go of being attached to the victim role and embrace the True Self you were meant to Be - Powerful beyond any social conditioning.