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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A thought about compassion

Compassion is something that we intuitively recognize and admire in people. 

It is the quality that draws us towards a person, though we may mistake it for their joie-de-vivre, or their easy going nature. 

But, those qualities stem from compassion, from seeing everyone as an equal, from the perception that the universe is a loving place, and from the assumption that everyone has an intent to do and be inherently good.

Throughout history, and in humanity's meta-narrative, compassion has resonated with human beings. 

When we encounter a truly compassionate woman or man, we feel an enhanced state of being, an awareness and an increase in feelings of love.

What we are now experiencing is an exponential increase in the compassionate consciousness. 

Across diverse cultures, there is a spontaneous shift occurring.

In its essence that shift is towards compassion, and it is growing exponentially.

What is your part in the exponential evolution of humanity?

It is the illusion of the ego that leads us down the rabbit hole.
Greatness that doesn't benefit all of humankind is myopic.