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Saturday, January 5, 2013

All drama is a result to avoiding our purpose..

The price we pay for walking a false-path is tangible. 

When we hide our true purpose under a bushel of fear, we suffer for it in the form of truth-aches, frozen feelings, depression and hopelessness, addictive and self-distractive behaviour. 

The price is high. 

The price we pay for walking our true-path is also tangible: truth chills, an enlivened emotional body, joy and meaning, authenticity as a buffer against the madness of the world. 

When we excavate our sacred purpose from its hiding places, we begin to walk in our own shoes. 

The path is not always easy, but we always know which way we are headed.

As I get older, I recognize just how important it is to be surrounded by people who deeply believe in our value and goodness even when we lose our footing. 

It took me years to rid myself of the late-dimmers and it has been much clearer sailing since. 

Not that there isn't value in having difficult people to overcome, but eventually it becomes essential to be surrounded by those who lift and wish us higher. If they don't see you in your highest light, wish them well and cut the cord.

I am a recovering addict- addicted to artifice, disguise, misidentification, distraction, substitute gratifications, materialism, being right, winning every silly battle. 

Now I want to be a re-uncovering addict- addicted to baring my naked soul for all to see, particularly me. 

I want to see straight through my armour to the essential being quivering below. 

Nothing to hide, no place to hide it....